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Black Camera

Fall 2020

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Table of Contents


- Ardiouma Soma, General Delegate of FESPACO (2014-2020)

- Gaston J.M. Kabore and Michael T. Martin

I. Sites and Contexts of Exhibition

African Film Festivals in Africa: Curating "African Audiences" for "African Films"
- Lindiwe Dovey

On Tracking World Cinema: African Cinema at Film Festivals
- Manthia Diawara

African Women on the Film Festival Landscape: Organizing, Showcasing, Promoting, Networking
- Beti Ellerson

African Cinema in the Tempest of Minor Festivals
- Sambolgo Bangre

Postcolonial Film Collaboration and Festival Politics
- Dorothee Wenner

II. FESPACO: An Ever-Evolving Cinematic and Cultural Formation

African Cinema and Festival: FESPACO
- Manthia Diawara

FESPACO - Promoting African Film Development and Scholarship
- M. Africanus Aveh

FESPACO and Cultural Valorization
- Mahir Saul

African Cinema: Between the "Old" and the "New"
- Mbye Cham

Statement at Ouagadougou (1979)
- Ousmane Sembene

A Name Is More Than the Tyranny of Taste
- Wole Soyinka

Cine-Agora Africana: Meditating on the Fiftieth Anniversary of FESPACO
- Aboubakar Sanogo

Cultural Politics of Production and Francophone West African Cinema: FESPACO 1999
- Teresa Hoefert de Turegano

A Mirage in the Desert? African Women Directors at FESPACO
- Claire Andrade-Watkins

The Long Take: Gaston Kabore on FESPACI and FESPACO
- Michael T. Martin

Pressing Revelations: Notes on Time at FESPACO
- Rod Stoneman

Fifty Years of Women's Engagement at FESPACO
- Beti Ellerson

Thiaroye or Yeelen? The Two Ways of African Cinemas
- Ferid Boughedir

Long Live Cinema! Long Live FESPACO. A Luta Continua!
- Claire Diao

Rethinking FESPACO As An Echo
- Michel Amarger

Going to the Cinema in Burkina Faso
- Mustapha Ouedraogo

FESPACO and Its Many Afterlives
- Shelia Petty

FESPACO Film Festival
- Colin Dupre

III. Conditionalities and Challenges

Towards Reframing FESPACO
- Imruh Bakari

FESPACO Past and Future: Voices From the Archive
- June Givanni

The Opening of South Africa and the Future of African Film
- Mahir Saul

FESPACO 2019: Moving Toward Ressurection
- Olivier Barlet

Fifty Years of Memories for Shaping the Future!
- Remi Abega

IV. Commentary

Extended Commentaries on FESPACO>

V. Documents

Resolution on the Pan-African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (1972)

Regulations of the Carthage Film Festival (1970s)

Regulations of the Pan-African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (1980)

Regulations for the Official Juries of the 26th Edition of FESPACO (2019)

FESPACO Award Winners (1972-2019)

FESPACO 50th Anniversary Symposium (2019)

Manifesto of Ouagadougou (2017)

FESPACO Poster Gallery (1969-2019)

The African Film Library of Ouagadougou


Dossier 1: Paul Robeson Award Initiative (PRAI)

Dossier 2: The Higher Institute of Image and Sound / Studio School (ISIS-SE)

Dossier 3: Imagine Film Training Institute

Call for Close-Up Submissions

Contemporary Black Horror

Contemporary Cuban Cinema