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Black Camera

Spring 2019

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Table of Contents


by Gaston J.M. Kaboré and Michael T. Martin

Section One: Africa

Declaration and Resolutions of the Conference of Independent African States ( 1958 )

Manifesto of New Cinema in Egypt (1968)

Pan-African Cultural Manifesto (1969)

Resolution on Inter-African Cultural Festival (1969)

Proposed Establishment of an All-African Cinema Union (1970)

General Regulations of the Carthage Film Festival (1970s)

Resolution on the Pan-African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) (1972)

Workshop Resolutions on The Role of the African Filmmaker in Rousing an Awareness of Black Civilization (1974)

The Algiers Charter on African Cinema (1975)

The Accra Declaration on Cultural Policies (1975)

Cultural Charter of Africa (1976)

Cinematographic Art (FESTAC '77) (1977)

Resolution of Commendation and Appreciation to the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1977)

Regulations of the Pan-African Film Festival of Ouagadougou (FESPACO) (1980)

Niamey Manifesto of African Filmmakers (1982)

Final Communique, African Regional Film Workshop (1984)

The Language Plan of Action for Africa (1986)

Resolutions on the Development of Film and Endogenous and Non-Endogenous Cultural Industries (1987)

First International Day of Partnership (FEPACI) (1989)

An Outlook on FEPACI (1989)

Final Communique of the First Frontline Film Festival and Workshop (1990)

Statement by the African Women Professionals of Cinema, Television, and Video (1991)

The State of the Audiovisual Sector in Africa (1991)

Windhoek Declaration (1991)

African Audio-Visual Industries: Prospects and Strategies (1992)

Cultural Industries for Development in Africa: Dakar Plan of Action (1992)

Resolution on the Celebration of the Centenary of Film Invention (1995)

African Charter on Broadcasting (2001)

Accra Declaration on Public Service Broadcasting in West Africa (2002)

Declaration of Principle on Freedom of Expression in Africa (2002)

African Film Summit (2006)

FEPACI Master Report (2009)

Queer African Manifesto/Declaration (2010)

Manifesto: Conference of African Women Filmmakers (2010)

Sollywood: A Movement (2010)

Communique from the Workshop "Sustaining the New Wave of Pan-Africanism" (2010)

The WEMF V Accra Declaration (2011)

African Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedom (2013)

Declaration at the Second African Women in Film Forum (2013)

Declaration of the Second African Editors Forum (TAEF) on World Media Freedom Day (2016)

African Media Initiative (2016)

Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFT) (2016)

Manifesto of Ouagadougou, FESPACO 25th Edition (2017)

The Surreal 16 Collective Manifesto White Paper (2017)

African Cinema Day: One Africa, One Cinema Project (2018)

The African Audiovisual and Cinema Commission (2003 & 2019)

Section Two: Black Diaspora

Declaration of the Rights of Negro Peoples of the World (1920)

Final Resolutions of the Fifth Pan-African Congress (1945)

Resolutions of the First Congress of African Negro Culture (1956)

Appeal: The Unity and Responsibilities of African Negro Culture (1958)

Resolutions of the Second Congress of Negro Writers and Artists (1959)

An Esthetic of Hunger (1965)

Black Manifesto (1969)

Toward a Third Cinema (1970)

Manifesto of the Palestinian Cinema Group (1972)

Super Fly: Objections by the Kuumba Workshop (1972)

Resolutions of the Third World Filmmakers Meeting (1973)

Sixth Pan-African Confress Resolution on Culture (1974)

Final Resolutions: International Conference for a New Cinema (1974)

Black Independent Filmmaking: A Statement by the Black Audio Film Collective (1983)

Third Eye: Struggle for Black & Third World Cinema - Symposium Declaration (1983)

NAMEDIA Declaration (1983)

Inauguration of the San Antonio de Los Baños International School of Cinema and Television (1986)

FeCAVIP Manifesto (1990)

Recommendations: Audiovisual Market Caught Between the Chances in the North and South-South Cooperation (1990)

Caribbean Film and Video Federation: A Report (1992)

Working Group on Women in Cinema, Television and Video (1993)

Seventh Pan-African Congress Resolution (1994)

Pan-African Union of Women of the Moving Image (UPAFI) (1995)

Dogma Feijoada (1999)

Tunis Declaration for the Defense of National Cinemas (1999)

Dakar Declaration on the Promotion of ACP Cultures and Cultural Industries (2003)

Poor Cinema Manifesto (2004)

Santo Domingo Resolution: Second Meeting of the ACP Ministers of Culture (2006)

Jollywood Manifesto (2008)

Brussels Declaration by Artists and Cultural Professionals and Entrepreneurs (2009)

Afrosurreal Manifesto: Black is the New Black - a 21st-Century Manifesto (2009)

ABCD CINEMA: Filmmakers of Africa, Brazil, the Caribbean, and their Diasporas (2011-2014)

The Association for the Advancement of Cinematic Creative Maladjustment: A Manifesto (2012)

Keynote: Forty Years of Cinema by Women of Africa (2012)

Tela Preta Manifesto (2013)

Declaration on Developing the Caribbean Film Industry for a Culture of Peace (2013)

The New Negress Film Society Manifesto (2013)

Resolutions of the Eighth Pan-African Congress (2015)

"Black Is..." and That's the Beauty of It: Ten Propositions Concerning the Visible and the Visual, in Consideration of Black Cinema and Black Visual Culture (2016)

Report on the Launch of the African Women Filmmakers Hub (2016)

Pan-African Alliance of Screenwriters and Filmmakers (APASER) (2017)

Reclaiming Black Film and Media Studies (2019)

The New Normal: A Manifesto to Create a Safe Space, Free of Racism, for the Black Artist (2021)

Manifesto of the Workers of the Cinematica Brasiliera (2021)