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Black Camera

Spring 2012

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Table of Contents

Call for Close-Up Submissions

Fugitivity and the Filmic Imagination
-James Ford


Exile and the "Burden of Representation": Trends in Contemporary Sub-Saharan Francophone African Filmmaking
- Melissa Thackway

Passing Films and the Illusion of Racial Equality
- Karen M. Bowdre

Close-Up: Nollywood-A Worldly Creative Practice

Introduction: Nollywood-An Archive of African Worldliness
-Carmela Garritano, Guest Editor

"New Nollywood": Kunle Afolayan
-Jonathan Haynes

Evolving Nollywood Templates for Minor Transnational Film
-Moradewun Adejunmobi

From Yoruba to YouTube: Studying Nollywood's Star System
-Noah Tsika

Nollywood: Outline of a Trans-ethnic Practice
-Akin Adesokan

Elmina: Obroni Art or Popular Melodrama?
-Jane Bryce

World Cinema versus Subjectivity: How to Read Tunde Kelani's Abeni
-Kenneth W. Harrow

Nollywood and the Limits of Informality: A Conversation with Tunde Kelani, Bond Emeruwa, and Emem Isong
-Connor Ryan

Africultures Dossier

"Homosexuality Is Not Un-African; What Is Un-African Is Homophobia": An Interview with Wanuri Kahiu on Jambula Tree
- Olivier Barlet

Interrelated Worlds: The Africultures Manifesto
-The Africultures Editorial Staff and Team

Book Reviews

MaryEllen Higgins, ed. Hollywood's Africa after 1994
- Review by: Charles J. Sugnet

Devorah Heitner, Black Power TV
- Review by: Delphine Letort

Film Reviews

Audre Lorde: The Berlin Years, 1984-1992 by Dagmar Schultz
- Review by: Tiffany N. Florvil

Archival Spotlight

Making Virginia Durr Less Blue: Preserving Eyes on the Prize
- Nadia Ghasedi

Archival News

News from the Black Film Center/Archive
- Stacey Doyle and Chinedu Amaefula