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Black Camera

Spring 2015

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Table of Contents

Call for Close-Up Submissions

Selma: The Historical Record and the American Imaginary

Django Unchained
- Joi Carr


“This Film Is a Rebellion!”: Filmmaker, Actor, Black Journal Producer, and Political Activist William Greaves (1926–2014)
- Noelle Griffis

John Kitzmiller, Euro-American Difference, and the Cinema of the West
- Saverio Giovacchini


Playing with History: A Black Camera Interview with Kevin Willmott
- Derrais Carter

Close-Up: John Akomfrah and the Black Audio Film Collective

Introduction: The Muses of the Black Audio Film Collective and Smoking Dogs Films
-Matthias De Groof and Stéphane Symons

Black Independent Filmmaking: A Statement by the Black Audio Film Collective
- John Akomfrah

Signs of Struggle, Songs of Sorrow: Notes on the Politics of Uncertainty in the Films of John Akomfrah
-Stoffel Debuysere

Becoming Black Audio: An Interview with John Akomfrah and Trevor Matheson
-Kobena Mercer

Memory, Authenticity, and (the Absence of) Ruins: Resonances between Werner Herzog and John Akomfrah
- Manuela Ribeiro Sanches

Monad, Database, Remix: Manners of Unfolding in The Last Angel of History
- Laura U. Marks

The Nine Muses: Recalibrating Migratory Aesthetics
-Kass Banning

Memory and Creative Forgetfulness in The Nine Muses
-Stéphane Symons and Matthias De Groof

Close-Up Gallery

L’Homme de dos: The Politics of the Rear-view Figure in the films of John Akomfrah
- Jeroen Verbeeck

Close-Up: Sexuality, Eroticism, and Gender in Black Films and New Media

-L.H. Stallings

Searching for the Erotic: Boundaries of Male Same-sex Desire in Caribbean Film
- Angelique V. Nixon

The Essential I/Eye in We: A Black TransFeminist Approach to Ethnographic Film
-Kai M. Green

Between Women TV: Toward the Mainstreaming of Black Lesbian Masculinity and Black Queer Women in Community
-Marlon Rachquel Moore

Africultures Dossier

Cannes 2014: Something New in the Air from Africa?
Ethiopian Cinema Today
- Olivier Barlet

African Women in Cinema Dossier

Boukary Sawadogo Discusses His Research: Three Marginal Figures in the Cinemas of Francophone West Africa—the Mad Person, the Homosexual, and the Woman
- Beti Ellerson

Film Reviews

Homegoings by Christine Turner
-Cara Caddoo

The New Black by Yoruba Richen
-Mark Hain

Book Reviews

Mireille Miller-Young, A Taste of Brown Sugar: Black Women in Pornography
Jennifer Nash, The Black Body in Ecstasy: Reading Race, Reading Pornography
-L.H. Stallings

Alice Maurice, The Cinema and Its Shadow: Race and Technology in Early Cinema
-Nicholas Forster

Carmela Garritano,African Video Movies and Global Desires: A Ghanaian History
-Lindsey Green-Simms

Archival Spotlight

Regeneration in Digital Contexts: Early Black Film
- Ronda L. Sewald