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Black Camera

Spring 2019

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Table of Contents

Call for Close-Up Submissions

Cuban Cinema

Nina Simone


Strictly a Laughing Matter?: The Significance of the Blaxploitation Movement and Black Dynamite as Parody
-Novotny Lawrence

Re-Reading Birth of a Nation: European Contexts and the War Film
-Jonathan Wright

Close-Up: The New York Scene

Introduction: A Scene of New Worlds
-Nicholas Forster and Michele Prettyman

Controlling the World Within the Frame: Julie Dash and Ayoka Chenzira Reflect on New York and Filmmaking
- Michele Prettyman

Art on Her Mind: The Making of Kathleen Collins's Cinema of Interiority
-Hayley O'Malley

Witnessing One Transformation, Charting Another: The Various Lives of Paul Carter Harrison
-Nicholas Forster

VAMP 94 (From: Don't Woke Him, Let Him Slept: A Vamp on the American Wet Dream)
-Paul Carter Harrison

Talent X Relationships/Knowledge: An Interview with Roy Campanella II
-Nicholas Forster

On Becoming Me: 1980s NYC Arts and Culture Through a Queer Lens
-Thomas Allen Harris

Capture and Release: Curating and Exhibiting the East Coast Independent Black Film Movement, 1968-1992
-Michelle Materre

Close-Up: Ava DuVernay's Selma (2014)

Introduction: The Film and History of Selma, Alabama, 1965
-Lamont H. Yeakey

Seen and Heard: Negotiating the Black Female Ethos in Selma
-David G. Holmes

The Historical Record and the American Imaginary: Adapting History in Selma
-Delphine Letort

Illuminating Shadowed Histories: Centering Black Women's Activism in Selma
-Danyelle Greene

Africultures Dossier

African Cinema of the 2010s
- Olivier Barlet

African Women in Cinema Dossier

Safi Faye's Mossane: A Song to Women, to Beauty, to Africa
-Beti Ellerson

Book Review

Jans B. Wager, Jazz and Cocktails: Rethinking Race and the Sound of Film Noir
-Jon Gudmundson